Transportation After The Race



We do not have a bus going back to SLC after the race but we do have two shuttle vans.  The vans are in service throughout the race to help get added supplies to aid stations if needed, pick up runners who have DNF’d and handle emergencies.  They are also available to take a limited number of runners back to downtown Salt Lake after the awards ceremony.  They are mini-vans so each can hold about 5 runners max. So far that has been enough….probably because we always advise runners to have a plan B….or perhaps to rely on the shuttles as their plan B.  There are always any number of runners heading back to Salt Lake after the awards who are willing to give rides to runners who do not have transportation.  At the runners meeting the Thursday before the race we always ask how many runners might need a ride back to SLC after the race as well as how many runners would be able to offer rides.  We ask them to get together right there after the meeting and make arrangements.  So far this has worked out well.