The awards ceremony will be held at the finish area shortly after 5:00 PM, Saturday. The completion of a 100 mile run is an extraordinary achievement. Within the realm of the extraordinary, there exist several levels of achievement which embody, we believe, different but complimentary aspects of the Wasatch Mountains and the runners who run Wasatch trails.


Finisher Award: A beautifully engraved plaque depicting the race course will be awarded to all official finishers.


Golden Skull: The Golden Skull, the ultimate and coveted award of the Wasatch, will be awarded to the overall male and female winners.


Royal Order of the Crimson Cheetah: A mystical beast, fiery and ethereal, the Crimson Cheetah is the mystic master of the wilds. Runners finishing the course in within 24 hours will be awarded the Royal Order of the Crimson Cheeta belt buckle of inlaid coral. These exceptional runers are inducted into the Order in a special ceremony at the conclusion of the run.


Spirit of the Wind: Knowing, wily, and confident, the Spirit of the Wind is a friend of the mountains. Runners finishing the course within 30 hours will be awarded the Spirit of the Wind belt buckle made of inlaid Lapis.


Badger Heart: A creature of the earth, the badger is a tenacious, undefeatable, committed adventurer. Runners finishing the course within 36 hours will be awarded the Badger Heart belt buckle.


Anonymous Club: The Wasatch Front 100 Anonymous Club is still many members strong. All entrants, who for some reason do not finish the run, will automatically be included into the Anonymous Club, and will remain members in good standing until they have officially completed the run in under 36 hours.


Grand Slam of Ultrarunning: The Grand Slam includes the five oldest 100 mile runs in the country. It consists of running three of the following four races: West States 100 Mile Endurance Run, Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run, Old Dominion 100 Mile Cross Country Run, and Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run. The Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run is the final race and it is mandatory. The four races must all be successfully completed in the same summer. The idea of running four of the five oldest 100 mile trail runs in the country came from Fred Pilon of Ultrarunning Magazine back in 1985.  They called Steve Baugh who was the race director of the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run at that time.  Since Wasatch was the final race of the five it seemed natural for the Wasatch 100 to organize the Grand Slam and have awards in conjunction with our awards ceremony.  Steve collaborated with John Grobben, current and long standing Wasatch 100 race director, and they came up with the name Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and established it in cooperation with the race directors of the other five races involved.  The first Grand Slam award was given to Tom Green in 1986.  The Wasatch 100 has continued organizing and managing the event since that time.

The award is a beautifully sculpted eagle head trophy inscribing this great accomplishment.  The Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Award continues to be presented at our Awards Banquet following the race.

Important Notice: To be eligible for the Grand Slam Award, a separate entry is required.  Stan Jensen has been kind enough to host the Grand Slam registration on his website ( for many years. Although the registration is now handled through Ultra Signup, Stan’s site will continue to have loads of fun Grand Slam trivia, stories, and photos in addition to series statistics.


Questions about the Grand Slam can be directed to: