Runner List 2018



The first table includes the automatic entries. The list of provisional entry grand slammers follows the first table.


The Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run utilizes the services of UltraSignUp for runner application and fee payment.  There is the likelihood that some applicants will have used credit cards that will expire before the date that funds are transferred from their account. UltraSignUp will contact these individuals and try to obtain updated credit card information.  However, UltraSignUp has found that a few individuals (for whatever reason) do not provide this updated information and therefore their application must be cancelled.

Any such cancelled applications will create open slots available after the drawing.  To fill these slots, the committee will conduct a second random drawing from among the applicants who were not selected in the first drawing.  Those selected will be contacted, and if they still wish to enter the race, will be accepted.  All the remaining open slots will be filled in this way.  The committee will announce when all such slots are filled, likely before March 1st.


2018 Runner List
Abel William M IL USA
Acree Christopher M MA USA
Adams Curtis M MT USA
Addams Lee M NE USA
Adelson Ian M NY USA
Adkins Tommy M CA USA
Agbay Peter M MA USA
Alderman Tyler M UT USA
Aldrich Eric M CA USA
Amstutz Paul M UT USA
Anderson Christopher M UT USA
Anderson Dana F UT USA
Anderson Douglas M UT USA
Anderson Steven M UT USA
Armstrong Jon M WA USA
Asbell Robbie M UT USA
Avery Christopher M AZ USA
Ayres James M TX USA
Ballezza Joel M WA USA
Barnett Daniel M UT USA
Barney Quintin M UT USA
Barrett Kyle M UT USA
Bartholomew Alison F UT USA
Bartholomew Nathan M UT USA
Bates Wayne M NY USA
Bearden Shawn M ID USA
Becker Benjamin M UT USA
Benna Jb M NV USA
Berger Natalie F UT USA
Bergquist Michael M UT USA
Bermo Ramon M NJ USA
Bermudez Conrado M PHL PHL
Bishop Brad M CO USA
Blackham Amie F UT USA
Blaylock Derek M UT USA
Bliss Max M NY USA
Blue Madelyn F KY USA
Bohney Jill F UT USA
Bonnett-Natraj Karen F CA USA
Bouche Chris M TX USA
Boyer Daniel M UT USA
Bray Daniel M UT USA
Brown Justin M UT USA
Bruderly Adam M AZ USA
Buckwalter Lee M UT USA
Burch Ryan M CO USA
Bushroe David M OH USA
Butler Will M AZ USA
Campanelli Joseph M UT USA
Campbell Jonathan M UT USA
Carter Heather F UT USA
Carter Jeff M UT USA
Chafkin Max M NY USA
Chen Jia Yn M CA USA
Chick Joseph M OR USA
Christensen Adam M UT USA
Clark Erin F UT USA
Clayton Melanie F UT USA
Clinthorne Jonathan M CO USA
Coberly Scott M CA USA
Coffey Patrick M UT USA
Colby Mark M UT USA
Compagnone Brian M VA USA
Conover Allison F UT USA
Cook Denis M WA USA
Corey Brian M UT USA
Cowett Justin M UT USA
Cowley Tyler M AZ USA
Crispino-Taylor Anne F OR USA
Crowne Dona F UT USA
Currens Joe M TX USA
Curtis Lex M BC CAN
Cusick Kathleen F FL USA
Dase Brandon M UT USA
Dasey Sean M CA USA
Davis Jason M UT USA
Davis Jeffrey M UT USA
Davis Liam M NY USA
Davis Merissa F UT USA
Defranza David M UT USA
Dekle Jeremiah M UT USA
Demill Adam M UT USA
Denton Layne M UT USA
Dicus Jennifer F NV USA
Diroll John M UT USA
Docta Alex M UT USA
Dodge Brandon M UT USA
Doll Jesse M MT USA
Dominguez Noe M IN USA
Dowell Derek M LA USA
Edmiston Maggie F WY USA
Ekstrom Heather F AZ USA
Erdman Phoebe F CO USA
Erickson Andrew M UT USA
Espulgar Ryan M PHL PHL
Facer Graham M UT USA
Fairbanks Eric M UT USA
Fallon Victor M SC USA
Farrar Spencer M MA USA
Faryadi Jonathan M NC USA
Fehr Ron M UT USA
Fetzer Dan M UT USA
Fike Ian M CA USA
Fisher Marta F OR USA
Fletcher Ben M CA USA
Flowers Rob M CT USA
Ford Colleen F UT USA
Forgensi Max M CO USA
Foust Terry M UT USA
Freebairn Zoey F UT USA
Frost Jared M NV USA
Fuchs Trevor M UT USA
Fuhriman Mark M CA USA
Fuller David M UT USA
Fuller Samuel M GBR GBR
Gaitan Nick M UT USA
Gallegos Ventura M TX USA
Gao Bibo F IL USA
Gardiner Dan M UT USA
Gay Carsen F UT USA
Gayman Greg M IA USA
Gehring Hannes M CO USA
Geisler Mandy F UT USA
Gentek Ken M AB CAN
Giebelhaus Alex M WA USA
Glover Chad M UT USA
Glover Jenna F CO USA
Goold Danny M UT USA
Graham Aiji M NJ USA
Graham Gordon M IA USA
Grant Sam M UT USA
Grant Starchy M CA USA
Graubins Garett M CO USA
Graubins Holly F CO USA
Greenwell Bart M UT USA
Grove Paul M WA USA
Haight Daniel M OH USA
Haire Breen M TX USA
Hall Rebecca F CO USA
Hall Tyler M UT USA
Hamos Brian M UT USA
Hansen Rob M UT USA
Harcrow Gina F CO USA
Hardcastle Guy M UT USA
Hardman Gordon M CO USA
Hardy David M UT USA
Harris Gabrielle F CO USA
Harris Sam M PA USA
Harward Brian M UT USA
Hawkins Steve M NY USA
Haycock Dustan M UT USA
Hayes David M UT USA
Heady Cynthia F KY USA
Hegewald Andrew M UT USA
Hemmen Isaiah M WA USA
Henderson Dave M UT USA
Henrie Annie F UT USA
Heward Aubrey F UT USA
Heywood Tracy F UT USA
Hill Erin F UT USA
Hirschi Clark M UT USA
Holdaway Chris M VA USA
Holdaway Jeffrey M VA USA
Hopkins Jamey M UT USA
Hosterman Adam M UT USA
Hough Jeff M MT USA
Howton James M UT USA
Huffman Jim M CA USA
Huffman Larry M VA USA
Hunter Tammy F WI USA
Ishiduka Jiro M CA USA
Jackson Isaac M UT USA
Jackson William M MA USA
Jagielski Greg M UT USA
Jansen Jim M NJ USA
Jensen Andrew M UT USA
Jenson Doug M UT USA
Johnson Melissa F CA USA
Johnson Vince M NV USA
Jones Rebecca F TN USA
Joyes Gabe M WY USA
Kadrmas Dan M UT USA
Kain Robert M UT USA
Kalogeropoulos Nicole F CA USA
Kanwischer Derek M MT USA
Kartchner Nathan M WY USA
Kato Keita M JPN JPN
Kendell Thad M UT USA
Kershaw Kameron M MT USA
Kinder Nathan M AZ USA
Kissell Steve M UT USA
Knorr Sharon F NH USA
Knudsen Ted M CA USA
Krier Timothy M HKG HKG
Kunzler Jed M UT USA
Kuster Ben M CO USA
Lambert Jennifer F UT USA
Landers Chris M UT USA
Langford John M UT USA
Langford Michael M UT USA
Leehman Nathan M NC USA
Lehmkuhle Mark M UT USA
Liechty Steve M MT USA
Light Ben M UT USA
Linck Ethan M WA USA
Lippman Jason M UT USA
Liston Ted M CA USA
Liu Zheng M CA USA
Losee Paul M UT USA
Loyd Jason M TN USA
Luckett Carolyn F UT USA
Lund Trace M UT USA
Lynsky Jennifer F UT USA
Maack John M UT USA
Macdonald Brad M UT USA
Macdonald James M UT USA
Malen Pete M UT USA
Mann Emerson M UT USA
Mariash Jax F UT USA
Markisich Kyle M UT USA
Martin Shane M UT USA
Martin Fessler Jodi F WY USA
Martinez Andrea F UT USA
Matkin Justin M UT USA
May Richard M OR USA
McAffee Andrea F UT USA
McCloskey Sarah F UT USA
McDermott Ryan M UT USA
McDonald Rich M UT USA
McDougal Lynette F ID USA
McElroy Clarence M TN USA
McEntire Steve M UT USA
McFadden Patrick M IN USA
McFarland Christy Jo F MT USA
McGinnis Mike M OH USA
Mcgrath Heather F OR USA
McLaughlin Deanna F UT USA
Meadows Troy M CA USA
Meikle Jon M UT USA
Metcalf Doug M UT USA
Meza Sergio Anibal M MEX MEX
Michaud Andre’ M CO USA
Millar Jed M AZ USA
Miller Andrew M OR USA
Miller Barry M UT USA
Miller Dana M UT USA
Miller Turdl M UT USA
Minardi Bup M UT USA
Mo Yu-Yen M CA USA
Morgan Eric M CO USA
Morgan Shalise F UT USA
Morse Dana F WA USA
Morton-Langehaug Jessi F UT USA
Mower Clark M UT USA
Nakatani Kiyoshi M JPN JPN
Nassi Mark M CA USA
Nataraju Sunaad M CA USA
Natraj Nattu M CA USA
Nay Lyle M UT USA
Neal Kerrie F UT USA
Neiman Christopher M CA USA
Nelson Blaine M UT USA
Nelson Jamen M UT USA
Newman Amy F UT USA
Newman Steve M UT USA
Newman Todd M NV USA
Nichols Brian M UT USA
Nielsen Casey M UT USA
Nomura Naohisa M JPN JPN
Odebunmi Emmanuel M NY USA
Okemah John M CA USA
Ollis Jason M UT USA
Olwin Bradley M CO USA
Ooura Yukihiro M JPN JPN
O’Ryan Bobby M UT USA
O’Shea John M UT USA
Owens Nathan M UT USA
Pagdanganan Philip M NJ USA
Pardue Nettie F CA USA
Patterson Timothy M MT USA
Payne Tim M UT USA
Peake Justin M MD USA
Pearson Marci F UT USA
Peavler Chantelle F UT USA
Perry Alicia F UT USA
Peterka George M AR USA
Petersen Pete M UT USA
Peterson Brad M AZ USA
Peterson Gabe M UT USA
Peterson Geoffrey M KY USA
Pexton Chad M UT USA
Pierson Aaron M TX USA
Pope Chris M UT USA
Popov Justin M OR USA
Poulatov Azam M NY USA
Price Chris M CO USA
Price Isaiah M UT USA
Randle Matthew M NE USA
Ranney Sean M CA USA
Raver Chris M UT USA
Redwine Cheri F OR USA
Reis Cassie F UT USA
Remkes Tom M UT USA
Rhodes Bryce M NV USA
Rich Eric M UT USA
Rich Jesse M UT USA
Rich Tyson M UT USA
Rich III John M UT USA
Richards Jim M ID USA
Rick Rebecca F UT USA
Riley Don M MD USA
Ringholz Andy M ID USA
Robbins Brian M UT USA
Robertson Troy M UT USA
Robocker Elise F MT USA
Rogers Lane M UT USA
Rombough Charles M CO USA
Rutemiller Rudy M UT USA
Ryser Karl M CA USA
Sabin Jeremy M UT USA
Saito Yasushi M CA USA
Sanderson Philip M CA USA
Savill Wesley M AB CAN
Scherr Mark M GA USA
Schubert Sarah F VA USA
Schultz Elizabeth F UT USA
Seminoff Tim M UT USA
Severson Christopher M CA USA
Severson Shawn F MN USA
Sharp Mickel M UT USA
Shepherd Tyler M UT USA
Shoup Michael M CA USA
Silva Katrin F NM USA
Skaggs James M UT USA
Skeehan David M CA USA
Smith Aaron M UT USA
Smith Joseph M UT USA
Smith Kip M UT USA
Smith Mark M MN USA
Smolin Jonathan M VT USA
Snarr Elizabeth F NH USA
Solvik Kylen M MA USA
Steele Tim M CA USA
Stevens Gregory M UT USA
Stevens Rick M UT USA
Stout Mike M IA USA
Straw Keith M PA USA
Strickland Jeff M CO USA
Strobel Alisha F WY USA
Suwinski Jeremy M UT USA
Svenning Peter M FL USA
Takaki Satoshi M JPN JPN
Talley Chris M CA USA
Taylor Joseph M UT USA
Thomas Ed M SD USA
Thompson Steve M MO USA
Thorley Jared M UT USA
Tinucci Jack M MN USA
Tischer Jason M NC USA
Totino Dominick M UT USA
Trent Annie F NV USA
Trent John M NV USA
Urschel Casey M LA USA
Valle Brian M CA USA
Van Der Groen Franz M CA USA
Vazquez Alberto M MD USA
Veltri Caroline F NJ USA
Vergara Mike M TX USA
Vicens Carlos M ON CAN
Vincent Jesse M UT USA
Wallace Caroline F UT USA
Wallace William M NY USA
Walton Casey M UT USA
Wang Edward M CA USA
Wang Tian M IN USA
Wannamaker Constance F TX USA
Ward Derek M UT USA
Waterhouse Tyler M UT USA
Welterlin Sebastien M UT USA
West Charles M NC USA
Wetzel Scott M UT USA
White Christopher M UT USA
Whitney Derek M UT USA
Wickes Brandon M UT USA
Wilkey Sonja F VA USA
Williams Carter M UT USA
Willis Benjamin M NM USA
Willis Sarah F NM USA
Wilsey Jay M CA USA
Winter Brian M UT USA
Wiseman Danny M UT USA
Wittwer William M UT USA
Wood Allie F MT USA
Wood Zach M CO USA
Wooten Mark M TX USA
Yonke Brandon M CO USA
Young Kyle M CO USA
Younger Nathan M UT USA
Zabriskie Matthew M UT USA
Zajac Val F CO USA


2018 Provisional Entry Grand Slam Runners
Baniak Mary F WV USA
DeVore Laurel F UT USA
Fisher Casey M MD USA
Hidaka Yuichiro M WY USA
Pulver Linda F MI USA
Weber Tim M IN USA