Winners List 1980 - 2017

This list includes the names of winners of each year as well as the number of runners participating and finishing each year.


Finishers Tables 1980 - 2017 

These are results tables for each year of the Wasatch 100. Each lists the winners for that year as well as the runners who successfully finished along with their times.


Grand Slam Finishers 1986 - 2017

A list of the Grand Slam finishers for each year of the Grand Slam.


All Time Finishers List 2017 (pdf format)

All of the Wasatch 100 finishers are listed along with their number of finishes, their best time and the year of that time.


Grand Slam All Time Finishers List 2017 (pdf format)

All of the runners who have completed the Grand Slam are listed in a pdf file that includes their times in the other GS races.


Results/Splits Search Engine

This is a search engine that will allow you to look up runners by runner number or name to follow their progress during the race. This link will be active on the side menu only just prior to the race each year and will be taken down a few days after the race.


Splits Tables 2012 - 2017

Excel tables of the splits and finish times for that year's runners. These tables are for download and will open in Excel after downloaded and saved on your computer.


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