Runner Selection Process



  1. All previous winners (male and female) of the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run.
  2. Any applicant who has finished the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run six or more times.



The race committee reserves the right to select and admit 5 at large runners in addition to those chosen in the drawing.



  1. No one will be exempted from paying application fees.
  2. No one will be exempted from performing trail work.
  3. All applications are non-transferrable and cannot be rolled-over to the next year.
  4. No group payments – there must be fee payment form and a check for each runner.
  5. Race numbers will be randomly assigned and no one will be granted a request for a particular number.
  6. Names of those selected will be posted on after the selection meeting the first Saturday of February.
  7. Additional chances for selection in the lottery will be based on the following criteria:
    1. Runners not selected the previous year – one additional opportunity for selection.
    2. Runners not selected the two previous years – two additional opportunities for selection.
    3. Runners who have volunteered at Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run aid stations and/or have assisted the race for a minimum of three years – a one time additional opportunity for selection for each three years volunteered.



If you indicated on your application you are planning on running the Grand Slam and your name is not drawn in our runner selection process in February, the race committee will hold your application and entry fee.

You will be allowed to run the Wasatch 100 if you satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Grand Slam hopefuls must apply for the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run in a timely manner as do all other entrants.  Applications not submitted and fees not postmarked during the specified application period will be returned to sender. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU APPLY IN A TIMELY MANNER! ABSOLUTELY NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!
  2. You must also apply to the Grand Slam in a timely manner.
  3. You must successfully complete three of the first four races in the Grand Slam. The Wasatch 100 is the final race and is manditory.
  4. Your completed trail work for the Wasatch 100 must be emailed no later than the August trail work deadline listed on the home page of our website and on your trail work report form. Please remember that we do not accept volunteering at another race as satisfying our trail work requirement nor do we accept trail work performed for entry into another race.

If you do not satisfy all of these conditions your application will be denied and your fee check will be shredded or returned to you if it is a cashier’s check or money order.


Application Process

  • The two step process of applying to run the Wasatch 100.

Registration Information

  • Explanation of the entry fee, deadlines, the pre-race meeting and drop bag aid stations.

Selection Process

  • This section describes the rules of the lottery and the provisional grand slam entry requirements



Application Process


All of us involved with the Wasatch 100 love the mountains and use the trails. Entrants to the Wasatch 100 run are required to complete 8 hours (one full day) of trail work. We feel that we need to be stewards of the land that we use and love. Those who have volunteered for trail work have discovered that it can be a lot of fun, so go out and enjoy yourselves! Acceptance into the Wasatch 100 will be a two-part procedure.


FIRST fill out and submit the online Race Application, download and fill out the Fee Payment Form, and mail your form and check for $250 to:


Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run, Inc.
        1344 South 800 East, Suite 202
                 Orem, Utah 84097


PLEASE NOTE that once the lottery has been held and a runner has been accepted into the race there are no refunds on the entry fee.


Applications will be conditionally accepted based on the Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run selection process. Acceptance becomes final upon receipt of your trail work report. Runners must be 18 years of age to run.


SECOND call your local Forest Service and tell them that you need to complete 8 hours of work on trails with them prior to the August trail work deadline. If you live in the Salt Lake Ranger District contact the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation as they coordinate the SLRD Forest Service projects. Find out possible days that you could work with them. In addition, toward the end of Spring there will be a section on our website listing various trail work opportunities. That link is in the side menu on the Home page. Arrange for a day and show up at the appointed time and place. Talk to the supervisor and let him/her know that you will need him/her to sign your trail work report verifying the amount of work completed. Please be sure to fill out the form completely including the section asking for a short description of the type of work performed. Take your trail work form with you when you do the work. The Forest Service and Cottonwood Canyons Foundation will not have the form.


Eligible trail work will include maintenance of existing trails or building new trails under the supervision of the Forest Service or Cottonwood Canyons Foundation. For those who live locally the work should be done in the Wasatch mountains. For those who do not the trail work should be done on your local trails with your local Forest Service. For those few who have limited access to trails, your trail work could be done with your local parks and recreation organizations. If a Forest Service project is not available in your area trail work on other types of projects can be substituted with the permission of the Wasatch 100 Race Committee. PLEASE NOTE that we do not accept volunteering at another race as satisfying our trail work requirement nor do we accept trail work performed for entry into another race.


Completely fill out the trail work report and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Trail work forms will not be accepted through regular mail. When you scan or take a picture of and email your report you will receive an automatic response by email confirming receipt of your form. After about 5 days please check the runner list on our website to confirm a YES has been placed in the Trail Work column after your name. If you have any problems please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure that we receive your completed trail work form no later than the August trail work deadline listed on the home page of our website and on your trail work report form. Do not rely on the agency you volunteer with to scan and email your report as it will usually get lost in the shuffle. Email your trail work report yourself. All work must be done after the previous year's race is over. You are not officially entered until this report is received. If the trail work report is not received by the deadline, your acceptance will be revoked. 





Registration Information


Entry Fee: The $250 entry fee includes entry, course maps, narrative directions, drop bag service, bus service, shuttle van service, aid station services, award eligibility, a commemorative shirt, a post-race buffet dinner, and final race results. The maps, course directions and final race results are available on this website. PLEASE NOTE that once the lottery has been held and a runner has been accepted into the race there are no refunds on the entry fee.


Deadlines: Applications for entry are accepted based on the Wasatch 100 Mile Endurace Run Selection Process. Verification of your 8 hours of trail work must be emailed and received by the August trail work deadline listed on the home page of our website and on your trail work report form. Scan or take a picture of your completed form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will receive an automated message by email that will confirm receipt of your form. If you have any problems please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Trail work forms will not be accepted by regular mail. About 5 days after you have submitted your form please check the runner list on our website to see if a YES has been entered in the Trail Work column after your name. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST WEEK OR TWO OF SUMMER TO SCHEDULE OR PERFORM YOUR TRAIL WORK. YOU MAY MISS THE DEADLINE AND NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN. Failure to complete your trail work on time will result in cancellation of your entry. PLEASE NOTE that we do not accept volunteering for another race as satisfying our trail work requirement nor do we accept trail work performed for entry into another race.


Limited Entry: Due to limited access on the trail, entries for the Wasatch Front 100 are limited. We start approximately 280-330 runners each year. There is no wait list and the online application process will not be available after the close of the application period.


Pre-Race Meeting: A mandatory pre-race trail briefing for runners and their crews will be conducted at 4:00 PM at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City on Thursday, the day before the race. Please check the side menu of the website for details and a map showing the location. Runners must check in and race packets including the race number and t-shirts can be picked up starting at noon. Questions regarding the course will be answered and final instructions will be given at this time. Runners should have their drop bags completely prepared, marked, and ready for pick-up at Sugarhouse Park prior to the start of the 4:00 runners meeting.


Drop/Supply Bags: Drop bags will be transported to seven of the major aid stations in the race as well as the finish line. Runners wishing to make use of this service must make sure that their bags are securely tied and clearly marked. We do not accept hard sided containers for drop bag use. Please make sure that all drop bags will fit into a 10"x10"x20" box. 


Drop Bag Aid Stations
1) Bountiful B - 17.05 Miles

2) Big Mountain Pass - 32.30 miles
3) Lambs Canyon - 45.71 miles
4) Upper Big Water - 54.18 miles
5) Brighton Lodge - 67.08 miles
6) Pole Line Pass - 74.97 miles
7) Staton - 89.52 miles

8) FINISH LINE - 99.67 miles


Race Director: The race director for the Wasatch Front 100 is:

John Grobben

1344 South 800 East, Suite 202
Orem, Utah 84097

2017 Wasatch 100 Runner List

066 Adamson Cameron M 29 UT USA
090 Aderholt Steven M 38 UT USA
265 Anderson Chris M 58 UT USA
059 Anderson Justin M 39 UT USA
022 Anderson Lance M 39 UT USA
129 Anderson Steven Val M 56 UT USA
154 Archibald Anthony D M 39 UT USA
255 Asbell Robbie M 42 UT USA
214 Atkinson Phil M 45 WY USA
137 Avery Christopher M 54 AZ USA
209 Bachman Doug M 45 CO USA
094 Bachman Theodore M 44 MT USA
199 Bailey Chad M 40 TX USA
131 Bainbridge Andrew M 24 CO USA
254 Barber Kelly M 47 CA USA
160 Barger Dan M 52 CA USA
017 Barlow Kenzie F 35 UT USA
258 Barnett Daniel M 54 UT USA
175 Barney Andrew M 44 UT USA
295 Barnwell Christopher M 47 TX USA
038 Barrett Kyle M 29 UT USA
079 Barrios Luis M 53 FL USA
165 Barton Curtis M 38 TX USA
186 Bassett Nick M 72 WY USA
112 Becker Benjamin M 39 UT USA
087 Bennett Heidi F 40 UT USA
324 Berger Natalie J F 38 Ut USA
106 Berk Matthew M 33 UT USA
276 Berry Jason M 43 UT USA
133 Bertolone Todd M 54 CA USA
260 Bielak Ross M 46 CO USA
215 Binney Jeffrey M 35 MO USA
167 Bird Nora F 33 WI USA
271 Bishop Aaron M 32 UT USA
164 Bliss Max M 49 NY USA
007 Bradley Kari F 45 UT USA
092 Brady Bryan M 40 UT USA
172 Brazier Drew M 33 ID USA
270 Brenner Harris M 43 PA USA
206 Brewer Peter J M 54 OR USA
027 Briley Tim M 51 UT USA
101 Brock Jason M 41 UT USA
163 Brooks Ben M 36 UT USA
145 Brown Justin M 43 UT USA
337 Buehler Luzia F 35 GR CHE
244 Carter Keith M 51 UT USA
178 Chen Jia Yn M 43 CA USA
006 Christiansen Darren M 46 TX USA
246 Christopherson Mark N M 49 UT USA
179 Cillo Antonio M 31 NC USA
109 Clark Erin F 40 UT USA
238 Clark James G. M 43 WY USA
281 Clements Bill M 38 CA USA
083 Coburn Scott M 29 UT USA
187 Cohen Stuart M 33 CO USA
211 Comer Guy M 47 WI USA
299 Conriquez Frank M 43 UT USA
239 Cooper Jessica F 45 UT USA
201 Copeland Bruce M 64 UT USA
103 Corey Brian R M 51 UT USA
060 Corrales Benjamin M 43 UT USA
146 Cowett Justin M 38 UT USA
036 Cox Trent M 35 WI USA
330 Coye Matthew M 29 CO USA
176 Crandall Mathu M 41 UT USA
159 Crockett Davy M 59 UT USA
084 Crosby Dennis M 70 OK USA
117 Crowne Jesse W. M 38 UT USA
127 Currano Allen M 44 CA USA
210 DAlessio Joseph M 41 MA USA
105 Dailey Bruce M 46 NS AUS
073 Daley David M 43 CA USA
192 Dase Brandon C M 41 UT USA
025 Davies Ben M 38 LE USA
121 Davis Gary M 43 UT USA
023 DeHaan Thomas M 55 NY USA
149 DeMill Adam M 37 UT USA
236 Dempsey Stephanie F 40 VA USA
220 Deragne Pierre Loic M 49 FR FR
252 Draper Cody M 37 UT USA
086 Drumiler Dan M 52 UT USA
061 Drury Zachary M 28 Ut USA
098 Duke Carl M 39 UT USA
306 Eaton Jennilyn F 30 UT USA
200 Eckert Jim M 46 NH USA
234 Edminster Robert M 32 UT USA
300 Ekstrom Heather F 27 AZ USA
158 Ellis Dave M 54 UT USA
266 Elsaesser Ralf M 42 CA USA
148 English Michael M 38 OR USA
019 Epperson Mikal M 38 UT USA
033 Erickson Drew M 39 UT USA
334 Ertaud Alex M 28 CA USA
075 Espalin Jason M 37 TX USA
055 Ewing Andrew M 39 CA USA
156 Fannin Tyler M 31 UT USA
041 Farris Ian M 35 UT USA
224 Fischer Alan M 33 TX USA
142 Flandro Jessica F 28 UT USA
123 Floyd Ernie M 63 UT USA
162 Floyd Mayuko F 30 CA USA
320 Foote David M 54 CA USA
016 Ford Colleen F 55 UT USA
189 Foust Terry M 54 UT USA
308 Francis Bill M 65 UT USA
268 Freeman Gordon M 32 OR USA
032 Frey Mark M 37 PA USA
313 Frost Jared A M 41 NV USA
072 Fuchs Trevor M 36 UT USA
029 Fuhriman Mark M 53 CA USA
063 Fuller David M 52 UT USA
195 Gabler Jason M 44 UT USA
054 Gaitan Nicholas M 29 UT USA
184 Gardiner Daniel M 32 UT USA
147 Gay Carsen F 33 UT USA
119 Gerenz Bob M 49 CO USA
045 Gilcrest Robert M 51 CA USA
001 Glover Erik M 37 NY USA
047 Goldsmith Brett M 36 CA USA
021 Grace Alicja F 34 CA USA
288 Grahn Sky M 27 UT USA
316 Greenwell Bart M 58 UT USA
294 Greenwell Josh M 37 UT USA
005 Grenwelge Terry M 42 CO USA
170 Griffin Michael Leo M 51 CA USA
028 Grossman Dominic M 30 CA USA
245 Gryfe Rob M 51 ON CAN
077 Guldan Ryan W M 34 CO USA
327 Guzman Edgar M 43 DF MEX
243 Haire Breen M 44 TX USA
062 Hall Morgan M 38 UT USA
273 Hall Tyler M 45 UT USA
225 Hamilton Tyson M 39 UT USA
177 Hamos Brian M 54 UT USA
212 Hansen Megan F 26 UT USA
037 Hardcastle Guy M 49 UT USA
304 Hardle Bart M 37 UT USA
150 Harward Brian M 43 UT USA
185 Helfrich Karen F 50 UT USA
099 Henrie Annie F 36 UT USA
191 Hill Brian M 43 TX USA
116 Hirschi Clark M 53 UT USA
124 Hohl Dan M 23 UT USA
089 Holdaway Jeffrey M 58 VA USA
114 Hollister Scott M 33 CA USA
128 Hooker Jeff M 51 CA USA
326 Huskinson Andria F 41 ID USA
309 Hutchings Bret M 58 UT USA
058 Hyde Josh M 35 WY USA
138 Jagielski Greg M 37 UT USA
056 Jenkins John M 43 NJ USA
278 Jennings Bryan M 45 NC USA
237 Jewkes Sam M 36 UT USA
321 Johnson Aaron M 32 CA USA
207 Johnson Daniel M 40 UT USA
026 Johnson Eric B. M 51 UT USA
074 Johnson Rebekah Allen F 42 UT USA
301 Jones Chris M 45 CA USA
130 Jourdon Jerome M 43 AZ USA
250 Kadrmas Dan M 49 UT USA
322 Keane Mick M 50 NV USA
004 Killpack Paul M 49 UT USA
070 Kneedler Rick M 55 OR USA
267 Kovarik Lana F 48 CA USA
102 Kunz Scott M 35 CA USA
097 Kurtz John M 36 CA USA
242 LaBranche Steven M 44 CT USA
120 Lacroix John M 35 CO USA
139 Lambert Sheryl F 49 CA USA
307 Landvatter Joshua M 33 UT USA
221 Lang Kathie J F 68 OR USA
042 Langford John M 64 UT USA
100 Langford Michael M 44 UT USA
216 Leeflang Arie M 40 UT USA
312 Lewis Christian M 39 UT USA
335 Liechty Steve M 47 MT USA
134 Lowry Phillip M 51 UT USA
226 Lucas Nathan M 36 UT USA
020 Luckett Carolyn M. F 51 UT USA
080 Lund Trace M M 47 UT USA
113 Maack John M 56 UT USA
153 Markisich Kyle A. M 33 UT USA
152 Markisich Laynie F 34 UT USA
136 Martin Shane M 50 UT USA
315 Martin Fessler Jodi F 58 WY USA
067 Martinez Andrea F 39 UT USA
217 Mast Jay M 41 OH USA
018 Matteson Alex M 32 MO USA
323 Maudsley Garrett M. M 41 UT USA
333 McCloskey Sarah F 44 UT USA
161 McDonald Rich M 41 UT USA
182 McKnight David O. M 61 UT USA
262 Memmott Alison F 39 UT USA
229 Milar Jim M 55 UT USA
222 Miller Barry B M 59 UT USA
205 Miller Caitlin F 31 UT USA
082 Miller TurdL M 47 UT USA
068 Milligan Donald M 57 UT USA
069 Milligan Kathy F 54 UT USA
292 Misaka Kirk M 59 CA USA
272 Moellmer Edward M 37 ID USA
336 Montgomery Ryan M 23 OR USA
219 Moody Michael M 39 UT USA
314 Mouritsen Matthew M 53 UT USA
050 Nassi Mark M 50 CA USA
188 Natraj Nattu M 54 CA USA
015 Nay Lyle M 56 UT USA
197 Nee Darin M 35 CA USA
223 Neeley Jarrod M 44 CT USA
048 Nelson Eric M 42 UT USA
183 Newman Steven J. M 44 UT USA
213 Nichols Brian M 41 UT USA
151 O Shea John M 35 UT USA
118 OConnor Jennifer F 48 CA USA
247 OConnor Matthew M 30 UT USA
180 Oborn Patrick M 44 UT USA
085 Oles Chris M 44 TX USA
275 Oliphant James M. M 54 OR USA
263 Ollis Jason M 42 UT USA
009 Olson Troy M 54 UT USA
296 Ooura Yukihiro M 55 KY JPN
319 Orig Rebecca F 28 CO USA
277 Pancake Mark M 45 OH USA
173 Pauley Michele F 35 CA USA
034 Perry Alicia F 42 UT USA
203 Petersen Stanford Pete M 57 UT USA
110 Peterson Brad M 39 AZ USA
286 Petretto Stephen M 37 OR USA
193 Phipps Marilynn F 59 UT USA
140 Poland Andrew M 31 CO USA
144 Poulatov Azam M 41 NY USA
331 Pribramsky Mark M 48 CO USA
261 Pushka Steve M 48 UT USA
002 Quist Kyle M 40 UT USA
329 Rankinen Jake L. M 32 VA USA
174 Reader Garth M 55 NM USA
196 Reed Duane T. M 40 UT USA
035 Reidford Keith M 35 UT USA
274 Reimondo Evan M 31 AZ USA
096 Reis Wanderley M 50 UT USA
012 Remkes Tom M 55 UT USA
289 Reyes Hector M 35 CO USA
143 Reymont Harlan M. M 57 CA USA
228 Reynolds Tammy F 41 UT USA
171 Rich Jesse M 27 UT USA
107 Robertson Joy F 59 CO USA
052 Robertson Troy M 52 UT USA
071 Roche Jim M 48 NC USA
302 Rogers Jacob M 35 UT USA
168 Rogers Jedediah M 38 UT USA
013 Rogers Lane M 30 UT USA
076 Romney Vincent M 53 UT USA
248 Royal Emily F 30 CO USA
328 Sanderson Phil M 49 CA USA
125 Satterfield DeWayne M 53 AL USA
311 Schultz Troy otis M 57 UT USA
279 Seabury Ian M 27 CA USA
291 Seminoff Tim M 59 UT USA
231 Severson Christopher M 43 CA USA
166 Shane Chris M 37 WA USA
093 Shuckra Jeff M 47 UT USA
141 Shupe Tim M 44 UT USA
169 Simoens Dustin M 29 CO USA
202 Sinclair Todd M 54 ON CAN
043 Skaggs James M 58 UT USA
155 Slater Daniel M 45 MI USA
011 Slighting Brad M 40 NV USA
065 Smith Joseph M 45 UT USA
157 Stafford Richard M 56 UT USA
287 Stahl Craig M 49 UT USA
046 Stark Adam T M 40 UT USA
049 Stephenson Mikelle F 43 UT USA
078 Stevens Rick M 45 UT USA
190 Stevenson Quin M 29 CA USA
282 Stockham Ann F 41 UT USA
298 Stokes Mark M 34 UT USA
285 Storelli Gilles M 34 UT USA
108 Storheim Erik M 44 UT USA
081 Stowell Jeff M 56 UT USA
198 Stratton Chad M 42 UT USA
008 Strauss W. Kerry M 34 UT USA
293 Summers Taralyn F 35 UT USA
064 Sundermeier Ronda F 50 OR USA
111 Sween Brad M 33 UT USA
053 Swiatkowski Keith M 45 CA USA
040 Tapley Joel M 49 GA USA
284 Taylor Jeffrey F. M 55 OH USA
088 Taylor Joseph M 45 UT USA
091 Thomas Jason V M 25 UT USA
122 Thompson Bill M 51 PA USA
031 Thorne Eric M 45 PA USA
249 Tice Amy F 29 OR USA
297 Totino Dominick M 29 UT USA
057 Trent John M 54 NV USA
039 Tucker Alexander M 31 CT USA
030 Tulloch Ken M 51 CT USA
135 Van Horn Matthew M 46 UT USA
181 Van Orman James A. M 48 OH USA
290 Vaterlaus Austin C. M 23 OH USA
014 Vidmar Christopher M 30 UT USA
332 Walker Emilee F 36 WY USA
115 Walters Ken M 53 UT USA
317 Wang Edward M 52 CA USA
235 Wang Xiaolin M 42 YN CHN
051 Ward Derek M 45 UT USA
204 Ward Jordan M 31 OR USA
233 Watts Matthew M 60 CO USA
241 Weber Tim M 55 IN USA
104 Weigand Mike M 43 VT USA
024 Wesemann Scott M 45 UT USA
208 Western Laura K. F 51 UT USA
256 White Andy M 70 UT USA
010 Wight Jordan M 35 CO USA
325 Wilkinson Marcy F 43 UT USA
126 Wilks Brett M 37 AL USA
269 Williams Carter M 59 UT USA
283 Wood Brett M 36 WC RSA
251 Wood Zach M 41 CO USA
227 Wright Hana F 37 UT USA
003 Wright Sam M 36 UT USA
310 Wroblewski Tom M 58 CA USA
218 Wu Di M 34 WA CHN
303 Yee James M 67 CA USA
259 Zablocki Jill F 38 UT USA
240 Zagrodnik Joseph M 30 WA USA
044 Zuniga Matthew M 33 CA USA
305 Zuniga Randy M 40 CA USA

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