Application Process


All of us involved with the Wasatch 100 love the mountains and use the trails. Entrants to the Wasatch 100 run are required to complete 8 hours (one full day) of trail work. We feel that we need to be stewards of the land that we use and love. Those who have volunteered for trail work have discovered that it can be a lot of fun, so go out and enjoy yourselves! Acceptance into the Wasatch 100 will be a two-part procedure.


FIRST fill out and submit the online Race Application, download and fill out the Fee Payment Form, and mail your form and check for $250 to:


Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run, Inc.
        1344 South 800 East, Suite 202
                 Orem, Utah 84097


PLEASE NOTE that once the lottery has been held and a runner has been accepted into the race there are no refunds on the entry fee.


Applications will be conditionally accepted based on the Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run selection process. Acceptance becomes final upon receipt of your trail work report. Runners must be 18 years of age to run.


SECOND call your local Forest Service and tell them that you need to complete 8 hours of work on trails with them prior to the August trail work deadline. If you live in the Salt Lake Ranger District contact the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation as they coordinate the SLRD Forest Service projects. Find out possible days that you could work with them. In addition, toward the end of Spring there will be a section on our website listing various trail work opportunities. That link is in the side menu on the Home page. Arrange for a day and show up at the appointed time and place. Talk to the supervisor and let him/her know that you will need him/her to sign your trail work report verifying the amount of work completed. Please be sure to fill out the form completely including the section asking for a short description of the type of work performed. Take your trail work form with you when you do the work. The Forest Service and Cottonwood Canyons Foundation will not have the form.


Eligible trail work will include maintenance of existing trails or building new trails under the supervision of the Forest Service or Cottonwood Canyons Foundation. For those who live locally the work should be done in the Wasatch mountains. For those who do not the trail work should be done on your local trails with your local Forest Service. For those few who have limited access to trails, your trail work could be done with your local parks and recreation organizations. If a Forest Service project is not available in your area trail work on other types of projects can be substituted with the permission of the Wasatch 100 Race Committee. PLEASE NOTE that we do not accept volunteering at another race as satisfying our trail work requirement nor do we accept trail work performed for entry into another race.


Completely fill out the trail work report and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Trail work forms will not be accepted through regular mail. When you scan or take a picture of and email your report you will receive an automatic response by email confirming receipt of your form. After about 5 days please check the runner list on our website to confirm a YES has been placed in the Trail Work column after your name. If you have any problems please email us our regular email address. Be sure that we receive your completed trail work form no later than the August trail work deadline listed on the home page of our website and on your trail work report form. Do not rely on the agency you volunteer with to scan and email your report as it will usually get lost in the shuffle. Email your trail work report yourself. All work must be done after the previous year's race is over. You are not officially entered until this report is received. If the trail work report is not received by the deadline, your acceptance will be revoked. 




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